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PAX 3 Smart Vaporizer Complete Kit for Dry Herbs Amber


  • x1 Concentrate Insert
  • x1 Half Pack Over Lid
  • x1 Multi-Tool
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    The Latest From PAX Labs

    The latest from PAX Labs. The PAX 3 Smart Vaporizer Complete Kit for Dry Herbs Amber is the pack for all those who wish to enjoy a pure and pleasurable vaping experience. Pocket-sized and with a powerful battery, its minimalistic design will catch all eyes in your shop and all the accessories offer a wider range of experiences.
    Offer your customers this?complete pack?and you will open the door to a vape experience like no other. This kit includes?all?PAX accessories?to enjoy the experience without worry.

    More Powerful Than Ever

    Continuing the PAX design line, the PAX 3 Smart Vaporizer for Dry Herbs Amber is minimalistic and intuitive, but much more powerful than its predecessor. The devices are extremely easy to use so your customers only have to worry about having a good time.
    This all-in-one device is specifically created for everyday use. Its discreet design will not be a problem to carry it everywhere and with 5 color options, your customers will be able to choose the vaporizer they feel most identified with.
    Its size is less than 4 inches high and its full oven can hold up to ? gram, approximately 15-25 hits.

    Super Smart

    The PAX 3 is smarter than ever, including features such as an air path so that vapor travels through the device cooling it and creating a smooth vapor for the throat, eliminating any rough sensations. Or the lip detection technology and accelerometer, the device detects when the user is vaping. The aim of this special feature is to control the temperature to make the best use of the device?s materials and battery.
    This device can be connected to a mobile application to control it from the smartphone. The user will have control of the device from their smartphone. Change the temperature, customize the lights, play games, and even set the heating profile.

    The Vapor

    The PAX 3 Smart Vaporizer Complete Kit for Dry Herbs Amber offers more options than ever before. Thanks to the different types of exchangeable ovens, the variety of materials to vaporize grow for this device. The oven for concentrates is perfect for those who prefer the experience with sticky materials.
    The vapor in the PAX 3 will depend on temperatures and materials, just like the PAX 2 but in general, the user will get a dense and smooth vapor for the throat. This powerful device can reach the highest temperature in just 30?. The lower temperatures are perfect for a light vapor with a predominantly flavourful vapor, the last two temperatures generate a denser and stronger vapor.

    Content of PAX 3 Complete Kit

    x1 PAX 3 Smart Vaporizer

    x1 USB Charger

    x1 Flat Mouthpiece

    x1 Raised Mouthpiece

    x1 Concentrate Insert

    x1 Half Pack Over Lid

    x1 Multi-Tool

    x3 Screens

    x1 Protective Pouch

    x1 Mainteinance Kit


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