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Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Herb Vaporizer


  • Large digital display with touch buttons
  • Fast heating time (40 seconds)
  • Highest quality materials
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    • New version with ceramic coated aluminum filling chamber! (2022.09)
    • Large digital display with touch buttons
    • Fast heating time (40 seconds)
    • Highest quality materials
    • Mobile app
    • Innovative whip system
    • Easy Valve balloon system
    • Manufactured in Germany

    Who is the Volcano Hybrid for?

    For those seeking the absolute best in desktop vaping, the brand-new Volcano Hybrid is definitely worth considering. Inside this new model is the most advanced heating technology available, which has resulted in both improvements in heating time and vapor quality. The Volcano Hybrid is for those who truly take vaping seriously and wants to buy a vaporizer that will last them decades.

    Premium Design

    The Volcano Hybrid is exclusively manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials available making it both look and feels luxurious. Its sleek digital display features a modern control panel that in provides precise temperature readings throughout your entire session. Better still, all buttons work by touch as opposed to requiring a press, giving this vaporizer another edge over other vapes.

    Optimum Vapour Quality

    Like its predecessors, one of the main focuses of the Volcano Hybrid is producing vapour of maximum quality & taste – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Its new rotatable whip system allows you to decide precisely how much vapour you wish to take in, providing ultimate flexibility and control over your experience. Also included is the traditional Easy Valve balloon system which means multiple inhalation methods are available to you.

    Convenient App Control

    Volcano Hybrid also has an app compatible with both iOS & Android devices. All you need is a working Bluetooth connection and you’re good to go! The app allows you to easily adjust all the settings this vape offers without having to actually touch the vape itself which means you can control your entire session remotely just using your smartphone. It also allows you to setup smart workflows that control the temperature and the pumping in different timed intervals.

    Note: As of November 2019, Apple has restricted vaping apps on App Store, so unless you previously have a downloaded copy of the Storz & Bickel app you need to use a web browser to control the Volcano Hybrid from an iPhone.

    Faster Heat-Up Time

    Thanks to better hardware, the Volcano Hybrid offers an even quicker heating time than previous models and can fully heat-up to your desired temperature within 40 seconds. It’s the new, integrated double helix heat exchanger that makes such quick heating possible and it means you’ll never have to wait long for your session to begin.


    All Volcano Hybrid vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers, an authorized distributor of Storz & Bickel products, are authentic and backed by a 3-year warranty, restricted to normal use.


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