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X-Vape X-Max Vital Vaporizer Black


  • 1pc USB-Charger
  • 3pcs Steel Screens
  • 1pc Sealing Ring
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    X-Vape X-Max Vital Vaporizer Black (Get the most out of your herbs with the XMax Vital Herb Vaporizer by XVAPE. It is equipped with a ceramic heating chamber that evenly heats the herbs for only the finest tasting vapor. The Vital vaporizer is made from quality materials and offers an incredible performance and superb airflow, which makes it excel all its competitors in a similar price range.Its stylish exterior is powered by a powerful 2600mAh battery that heats up in just 15 seconds. Turn on the device by pressing the power button three times in a row. The full digital control OLED screen offers a full temperature range anywhere between 100°C-240°C (212°F – 464°F). This allows you to customize each vape session to seamlessly fit your personal preferences, whether you like airy vapor or thick, dense milky clouds, the XMax Vital vaporizer does it all. The temperature memory automatically sets the device to the last used temperature when you turn on the device. It has an automatic shut-off function that can be set to either five or ten minutes.The XMax Vital Portable Herb Vaporizer by XVAPE is the ideal vaporizer for those seeking a quality handheld vaporizer for their herbs, but don’t have a fortune to spend. Get the most out of your herbs for a great price with the XMax Vital vaporizer.)


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